Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Affiliate Disclosure:

We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons, or the price of goods. We try to keep things fair and balanced to help you make the best choice.

Please, also be aware that when you leave our website, other sites may have different privacy policies and terms which are beyond our control. Please be sure to check the Privacy Policies of these sites as well as their “Terms of Service” before engaging in any business transactions.


You’re in good hands, so don’t worry! Just pick the ideal gift, and the rest will come as a warm surprise! VAT is already included in all pricing. However, a delivery charge will be charged at the time of purchase.

Nothing, not even a fantastic offer, lasts forever! Therefore, all pricing are variable and only good while supplies remain.

Although the florists and hamper teams only choose and produce the freshest flowers and food items available,

the delivered products may look different from website photographs. This is because the product is what it is.Product photography may show the usage of accessories like glassware and wooden blocks as props. These accessories are just decorative and will not be used in the gift. Please read the accompanying product description, if you have any questions about what the recipient will receive.

Despite the rarity of substitute items in gifts, the right to make such changes without prior notice to the customer is reserved, unless the changes are substantial. A contact attempt will be made with you in these circumstances. Every alternative is of equal or better value and resembles the product as closely as is physically possible.

Due to seasonal variations and the seasonal and geographic availability of specific flowers in the nations we distribute to, substitutions occasionally may be required to build your arrangement. The style, theme, and color scheme are kept consistent.

Let the customer support team know within 48 hours if the flower or gift design didn’t meet all of your requirements and you or that special someone are not completely satisfied. You won’t be charged anything to replace the item after it is collected. Alternatively, you’ll receive a refund following collection.

If there is stock of another item that your special someone would like and the gift is still in its pristine condition, it will be happily switched for them. Please be aware that there can be a collection, handling, and redelivery cost.

Mistakes do occasionally occur. Let the customer service team know within 48 hours after receiving the item if it differs from the one you ordered or if you want to return it. We’ll make plans for the item(s) to be returned and for the prompt delivery of the right item to you. Do not take the wrong product out of its packaging, tamper with it, or use it in any way if it has been given to you. You will be responsible for a 15% handling fee in addition to delivery if the product has been used or tampered with in any way and is not in the superb condition that it was sent in.

Within 48 hours of receiving the gift, you must contact customer care to report any apparent technical issues. A plan will then be made for the faulty item to be tested and returned. The product will be returned to you at your expense if there are no bugs or problems detected. You will be given the option of a replacement or repair if it turns out that the item is plagued by gremlins and there is a problem, depending on the defect and the supplier. For additional information, go to the page on product guarantees.

All desk refrigerators come with a 6-month warranty for the customers. So take a deep breath and learn more by visiting the product assurances pages.

Although coupons are frequently issued, the right to cancel orders is always held in the event that a coupon has been misused or used without authorization.

Please make sure that all recipient names and card inscriptions are spelled correctly to prevent any embarrassing “orchid” moments. To ensure that your gift is excellent, it is essential that all information is accurate. Messages and names are printed exactly as supplied.

Non-personalized apparel cannot be returned or exchanged, so make sure it fits perfectly before buying it.

Prior to delivery, SMS messages informing the receiver to expect something special may be sent for security reasons.

Please be aware that all bakery cakes will be sent frozen or semi-frozen, but they will still be delicious as promised.

Not all of our plants and flowers are edible (with caution for children and pets). For a detailed list of poisonous flowers and plants, please visit our flower advice page.
Gift and floral arrangement packaging is liable to change. Cello sleeves can be used as an alternative to paper sheets for bouquets and floral arrangements.


Unfortunately, delivery timeframes cannot be guaranteed because every day is different and unexpected. It can be difficult to wait for a gift to be delivered because giving gifts is such an emotional event, but your gift will be delivered during the day even though it may seem like it will take days.

If you’ve ordered more than one surprise for someone special, each item may be delivered separately however, two surprises are always better than one.

If your preferred door is outside the regular delivery radius, a surcharge as an extra delivery fee might be applied if drivers must travel a long distance to get there.
On weekdays from 7 am to 8 pm, on weekends from 8 am to 4 pm, and on holidays from 9 am to 2 pm, deliveries will be made. However, an attempt is made to prioritize commercial deliveries in accordance with the regular 7:30 am to 5 pm business hours on weekdays. Please be informed that due to daily traffic conditions, delivery closure times are subject to vary.

If you’re a procrastinator and place your order for same-day delivery after 12 pm, the delivery will occur between 1 pm and 8 pm.

If you order anything for same-day delivery in the morning, it will be delivered in the afternoon of the same day. This is done so that you have ample time to thoughtfully prepare your gift and since drivers only pick up gifts twice a day—first thing in the morning and then again at lunch.

Please send your proof of payment for Direct Deposit payments before 12pm on the same day to ensure same-day delivery.

Sharing and pleasant surprises are at the heart of gift-giving, but since it’s crucial to brighten the day of the intended recipient—not just any Johan, Thabo, Mary, or Rani—not it’s possible to leave packages unattended at the recipient’s front door. However, if they aren’t available, every effort will be made to deliver at reception, receiving, security, or a neighbor.

Typically, delivery drivers will phone the recipient when they are at or close to the designated address. The sender may also be phoned if the recipient is unavailable. A later delivery attempt will be made if neither are available.

Drivers can only wait for a receiver for a finite period of time since they must put the pedal to the metal to guarantee that all deliveries are done on time.

R89.95 is the regular delivery price.

Although it is uncommon, a 15% handling fee plus delivery may be added if the recipient needs to exchange the gift for another item, the address provided is incorrect or incomplete, you change your mind and want to cancel or change your order after the gift has already left the warehouse, or if any of the aforementioned circumstances apply.

The delivery may require an additional one to two days if your receiver lives in an exotic or remote location that is on the list of expanded locations.

If your delivery has been tried more than twice, you can be charged a handling fee of 15% plus delivery.

Currently, only flower gifts sent in JHB, CPT, DBN, and PTA qualify for premium Pre 1 delivery.
Only the initial delivery attempt is covered by the Premium Pre 1 delivery slot. Normal redelivery procedures will be followed if the intended recipient is not available.

No responsibility can be taken for late or missed deliveries if the sender or recipient has an international number and is out of the country on business or vacation.

Deliveries cannot, regrettably, be left unattended at the recipient’s door. However, if they aren’t available, every effort will be made to deliver at reception, receiving, security, or a neighbor.

The present will be redelivered the next day if the delivery was unsuccessful due to a client error, such as entering the incorrect address or cell phone number, or if the recipient refused to accept the gift.

Only floral orders are eligible for premium delivery.

R109.95 will be charged for premium delivery.

Your order must be placed before 4 PM the day before to be eligible.

Exclusively offered in JHB, CPT, and DBN is premium delivery.

Delivery To Outlying Areas

Yay! You can now have your loved one who lives in a remote area get your gift order.

Outlying locations are any location where our delivery drivers don’t go and a reliable courier service is hired instead. Not that we wouldn’t still like to deliver to your loved one. It simply means that getting to that area would take our drivers a lot longer, which would lead to fewer deliveries being done during the day.

The well-traveled courier services we employ will make sure that gifts are still delivered promptly and safely to remote locations.

While we make every effort to absorb as much of the operating price increases as we can, there are times when we must increase the delivery costs for remote places. Outlying region delivery fees are now R139.95, although they are subject to change at the courier’s discretion.

Only non-floral items and plants are eligible for the delivery price modification.

Although the courier services aren’t as wonderful as us, we know you’d like to receive a discount on your multiple present deliveries travelling to the same address in one day. Therefore, delivery will be charged per item.


You’re aware that money talks. Any payment made by direct deposit that is greater than R500 needs to have a proof of payment and reflect in our account before an order can be released. The delivery date you’ve selected could be impacted by this. Payment by credit card to Ozow is advised to avoid any unwelcome delays.

An order cannot be released until payment has been verified. This implies that you must manually email the company with your evidence of payment. This is because emails sent through the bank may take longer to reach and your happiness is our first priority.

Please be understanding if you are requested to send a copy of your identification or credit card because there are so many Johns, Pauls, Stevens, and Ryans in the globe. Just checking to make sure your identity hasn’t been stolen.

Only if the payment is completed with a credit card will our call center representatives place orders on the client’s behalf. Our call center staff will be pleased to help you place an order if you are unable to pay with a credit card.

Cash refunds will take three to five business days to appear in the original payment account after being processed.

Refunds are identified with service providers as urgent, however occasionally this may be a day or two later due to inter-bank procedures.

Refunds can only be granted to the account holder (sender), not the recipient of the gift, because they are the ones who made the gift purchase.

Refunds will appear under the date of the purchase on the bank statement.